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UK Immigration – The type of visa you will need will depend entirely on your purpose of visiting the UK. Those who wish to stay for a longer period of time will normally fall into five main groups or Tiers as they have been referred to under the immigration law. Those wanting to study, set up business or obtain a work permit normally fall under one of these groups. However for those wanting to go on short visits for one of the purposes set out below will be looking to obtain visit visas.

Types of Visas for UK:

Visit VisaUK

Visit visas are usually issued to those who want to obtain medical treatment, visit relatives, family friends, attend an important event, participate in a certain sporting event, sit for certain professional exams and attend business meetings. This list is not exhaustive and there may be other scenarios where one wants to visit. Each type of visit requires different documentation and evidence and it is advisable to seek advice before applying to avoid refusal or disappointment.

Marriage/Fiancé UK

If you are already married or intend to get married to a British National resident in the UK then you may apply under the above category. There are certain requirements which need to be met and the application should be made carefully considering all the requirements. Please contact our office for further information.

Business Visa UK

The Uk Business visa is divided into two categories. Both categories come under the Tier 1 grouping within the Uk Immigration rules. The first is called the Entrepreneur visa and is for those individuals who wish to apply for settlement in the UK and for that purpose intend to set up their own business by investing up to £200,000. The person should be in control of the business and also create two jobs in the UK. This application requires detailed documentation including a specialist business plan and other requirements which need to be matched with the applicant’s business history. This application leads to permanent settlement for the applicant and his or her family including free schooling and medical facilities in the UK. The initial visa is for 2 years which is extended to a 5 year stay.

The second category is the Investor Visa which requires an investment into the UK of £1,000,000. From this amount you will need to invest £750,000 in unit trusts and private companies. This categories also leads to permanent settlement. The initial visa is issued for 3 years.

Visa for Representative of Overseas Business (Branch Office)UK

For those individuals who do not wish to invest £200,000 into a new business but feel that there are good business reasons for establishing a branch office of their UAE company in the UK may avail this visa category. There are certain requirements which once fulfilled will allow the applicant to take his/her family members as dependants to the UK as well and will be given a 3 years visa leading to indefinite stay and ultimately citizenship. Any dependent children will be able to study at any public school for free and medical treatment is also free as well. This is a great opportunity for established businesses to send a representative to the UK to further expand their business into UK and beyond.

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