Frequently Asked Questions

UK Spouse/Partner Visa:

Answer: There are five main requirements for a UK Spouse Visa. You need to show proof of marriage, proof or relationship, fulfil the English language requirement, fulfil the financial requirements and also have sufficient accommodation in the UK for you and your family. Specific documents are required for each category, and we would be happy to advise you on this.

UK Branch Office Visa:

Answer: The branch office visa is called the Sole Representative of an Overseas Business route. Any company outside of the UK can open a branch or subsidiary office in the UK. It can send someone who is employed in a senior position or who is a minor shareholder. The process is simple and straightforward with the right documentation and the whole process can be completed within two months. Under this category you are allowed to be out of the UK for up to six months every year. We would be happy to assist you in this and advise on all the documents needed to complete your application.

UK/EU Work Permit:

Answer: There are over 40,000 companies at present registered with the UK Home Office who are eligible to issue work permits for foreign workers. Many European countries who are part of the Schengen list are also looking for foreign workers. We have a wide network of associate recruitment companies who work exclusively with us to find suitable candidates. Please send us your CV and we would be happy to offer a free assessment and assist you in this process.

UK Visa Refusal Appeal:

Answer: Normally there is no right of appeal for a visit visa. However, a refusal does not mean that you cannot apply again. We work with clients to look at the reasons for the initial refusal. We then prepare an application which answers all the concerns raised by the entry clearance officer, allowing a favourable decision upon reapplication. Please contact us for free assessment and further advice on this matter.

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