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Howard Curtis & Co. service philosophy is based on a dedication to quality. We are well-equipped, have a wealth of expertise, are loyal to our client’s commercial interests, and adhere to the profession’s highest ethical standards. 

UK/Europe Business Visa

Migrate to the UK/Europe with a business idea under the new Innovator & Startup categories. We offer practical guidance with quick & simple steps. Obtain expert advice on areas of business, locations and for special investors we can arrange an advisory meeting with the UK Department of International Trade.

UK/EU Study/Work Visa

Obtain the right guidance on student visa requirements and admission in top UK/EU universities and education institutions. Students now have the right to work for 2 years after their course which can also lead to permanent work and residence.

UK Spouse/Partner Visa

If you wish to settle with your spouse/parnter in the UK then you will need expert guidance and advice to ensure you fulfill the requirements. You may apply from your home country as a spouse or fiance or partner of a UK national.

Overseas Representative Branch Office

Legally open a branch office of your company in the UK/Europe with Sole Representative of Overseas Business Visa or Branch Office at minimum cost and no minimum set investment requirement. Visa issued for all family members leading to settlement.

Blue Card Scheme

For the EU Blue Card we work with a large network of employers in the 26 Schengen countries of Europe. Since Brexit the employment has changed and there is a large demand within Europe for foreign qualified workers in various professions. We can assist you in obtaining a work permit visa and also your EU Blue Card as well.

Visa Refusal Appeal

Legally appeal through special process against a visa refusal even when No right of Appeal is given. There are various legal options available under UK/EU immigration laws to successfully challenge a visa refusal which does not attract an automatic right of appeal.

UK / EU Visit Visa

Obtain advice for a visit visa for holidays, business visit, medical treatment, friends & family visit, academics, training, sports person and many other categories.You may take your domestic worker which includes your maid,nanny, cook, driver and general household staff with you to the UK and European Countries.

UK/EU Work Permits

We assist clients in obtaining UK Work Permits and EU Blue Cards for employment in different professions. We work with a team of recruiters in UK specialising in shortage occupations. We operate a policy for this category where fees are charged only after the work visa is issued.

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